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Welcome to Xenora, home of the unique Dynamic Dressage Kinetics® (DDK®) riding concept. Traditional riding instructions deal either with the horse and its behaviour or with the rider, his or her posture and movements.

Based on scientific principles of energy in motion Dynamic Dressage Kinetics ® (DDK®) highlights the merging of horse and rider into one body of energy. Dynamic Dressage Kinetics® (DDK®) opposes the traditional idea of “no pain, no gain”. Instead, this exciting riding concept aims at creating and maintaining one flowing energy unit of horse and rider. It focuses their mental, sensory and physical capacities on synchronizing their natural bio-mechanical frequencies in motion. Based on wisdoms of traditional teachings like Tai Chi, Reiki or Qi-Gong as well as modern energy medicine Dynamic Dressage Kinetics® (DDK®) harmonizes the intentional and physical energies of horse and rider.

This establishes a new quality of mind-body-communication between –rider and horse- that refrains from dominance, force or duress.

A horse can present and develop itself only within the frame of its biomechanical possibilities. The rider has to respect and support these possibilities. The result is a successful and highly satisfying riding experience for both rider and horse. With more than twenty years of experience in riding, training and rehabilitating horses. Hans Hollenbach has developed Dynamic Dressage Kinetics® (DDK®) drawing on additional learning from outstanding horse experts like Philippe Karl, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Helmut Beck - Broichsitter a.o. Central to Dynamic Dressage Kinetics® (DDK®) is achieving the “Pegasus State” – “when horse and rider fly together effortlessly”.

About Hans

Hans-Joachim Hollenbach, CEO, Equine Health Practition, Riding Instructor, Xenora Horse Empowerment was selected for inclusion in the forthcoming 2014 edition of The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who.

The accomplishments and achievements attained by Mr. Hans-Joachim Hollenbach, in the field of Holistic Equine Health Services with Xenora Horse Empowerment warrants inclusion into The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. Xenora has developed the Dynamic Dressage Kinetic, an ethical training and teaching system based on the principles of Classical Equitation. The respect for the horses nature and personality always is at the core of any correct training. Xenora provides top quality boarding, training and re-habilitation for horses. As a certified Equine Health practitioner they offer a wide range of alternative healing modalities in close co-operation with their vets. Some of the modalities include acupuncture, homeopathy and Reiki healing. Mr. Hollenbach is a Holistic health practitioner, specializing in boarding, breeding of horses, rehabilitation, behavioral problem solving, intuitive healing and distance healing.

Mr. Hollenbach is a member of the Xenophon Society, a worldwide organization for the promotion and preservation of classical training, member of the International Association of Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine, Canadian Reiki Association, American Warm Blood Society, Xenophon Canadian and American Trakehner Association.

The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who™, a New York based biographical publication, selects and distinguishes individuals throughout North America who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contributing to the growth their industry.


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